Digital Marketing Consultant


I identify the most efficient ways to grow a business.

What I do

I’m all about one thing, attracting more engaged customers by developing, implementing, and managing marketing campaigns that will give a boost to your company/organization.


I help companies grow


I have been seeing the digital marketing space for a long period of time and know what change it can bring to a company/organization. Before taking up digital marketing as a full-time profession, I was into sales, which helps me in knowing your target customers. Furthermore, With my marketing skills, I can help in creating a brand out of your small business or startup. In today’s time, the most important tool for reaching new or existing customers is – Social Media. I keep a tab on these social media quirks to carve out unique social media strategies for an organization/company.

How does it work

We’ll just go through these 4 easy steps






Let’s have a quick discussion


Like what you read? Then let’s meet over a cup of tea/coffee and chalk out an amazing digital marketing strategy for your company/organization.






Understanding your business


I believe every person is different, and the same goes for a company/organization. Not every company can have the same SEO strategy as their goals are utterly different. I practice the method of knowing the business thoroughly and then proceeding further.







Delivering the strategy


Once there is clarity regarding the business and its goal, The time has come to deliver the apt digital marketing strategy for the company/organization.






You can now enjoy the results siness


A smart digital marketing strategy can give you the result you’ve ever wished for. I believe in making efforts that provide positive results.


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What my clients say


Rare gem in Ahmedabad’s landscape , his skill sets for SEO is unmatched along with very deep understanding of the subject and ethical practices make him a perfect choice. Any other Metro , globally he would be a minimum 10 times the size he is ,We are grateful for his intervention and support.

S.Santosh Kumar

Director at 22/7 Enterprise

Jaydip is a keeper when it comes to fellow entrepreneurs and the ecosystem. Apart from being the best in this trade and skills he truly believes in the collective growth of the community. Jaydip’s empathy is what also makes him a great mentor and guide. His advice on Marketing strategies has helped Menstrupedia immensely and we are grateful for the same.

Aditi Gupta

Founder at Menstrupedia

Jaydip is an extremely passionate entrepreneur. He always has a few tricks (Great ones) up his sleeve. Trusted digital media pro and thoroughly networked. Most importantly he is ready to go that extra mile for a fellow entrepreneur and share his insights and experiences. His recommendation got us a story on YourStory- Thank you Jaydip. Do keep up your spirits high as always.

Niraj Harlalka

Director at DNJK Technologies


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