What is the Role of AI in Digital Marketing

AI in Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is becoming one of the essential tools for digital marketing. But what’s the reason behind it? – It’s the increasing awareness of AI among the people. With each passing day, AI is becoming more advanced and better. AI in digital marketing will provide valuable customer insights to companies and also improve digital marketing strategies.

AI has played a big role in transforming digital marketing with its ability to collect data, analyze it, apply it and then learn from it. In simple terms, AI is somewhat a common concept that encompasses several methods and systems set up to “think” like humans. It also finds its home in several other applications like chatbots and voice recognition. In the upcoming years, artificial intelligence has become utterly important for the digital marketing field. The future of digital marketing is in the hands of artificial intelligence.

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence is generally used to describe machines and computers that imitate “cognitive” functions that humans associate with other human minds. For example: problem-solving, learning. 

It is one of the areas of computer science that tries to understand the quintessence of intelligence and make a new intelligent machine that can think, answer, and perform tasks based on the data being fed into it, similar to humans. 

Some of the activities that are related to AI are image recognition, speech recognition, problem-solving, and natural language processing. AI is not human intelligence, still, it can think like humans and there are times where it might overtake human intelligence. 

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Relationship between AI and digital marketing

Earlier marketers were in doubt to use artificial intelligence in their marketing strategies. several successful brands have embraced and used it in their marketing. One of the pioneer brands like Amazon and Spotify are using  AI systems. 

How does Amazon use Artificial Intelligence?

Amazon makes use of AI for showcasing relevant products to their customers, based on their past searches, purchases, and views. AI in digital marketing will increase the chances of customers making the first purchase or being a regular one. It is all because of the personalized experience given to the customers.

AI and Digital Marketing are coming to life and are providing a range of benefits and options.

How is AI transforming digital marketing?

AI has been revolutionizing digital marketing with its capability to collect data, analyze it, apply it and then react to it. The information about potential customers keeps growing. AI becomes more essential due to its potential to make data-based decisions swiftly and accurately. Here, we bring you some ways AI is changing digital marketing:

What is the Role of AI in Digital Marketing 1

Acknowledge and Analyze

The term CRM refers to Customer Relationship Management. It is a business strategy that initiates a customer-centric approach by enlarging customer information collection and filtering valid information.

With the combination of CRM, AI technology, and big data technology, there are higher chances of increasing user information collected from various platforms. Besides this, they also acquire precise insights for target consumers and understand the customer’s needs. This information will help companies to decide the most appropriate marketing strategy.

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The behavioural information from various platforms will become the ultimate source of AI analysis. Example: The pages they browse, The tools used by them regularly, etc. 

All of this collected information makes it easy for marketers to analyze a potential customer’s needs and adapt to the AI for boosting sales. Furthermore, you’ll be able to envision the customer journey and provide the appropriate solution. 

AI integrates with AR/VR

AI technology meeting other new technologies like AR and VR is bound to bring a current consumption experience. 

Let’s take an example:

Coca-Cola decided to integrate AI and Augmented Reality (AR) by overspreading computer graphics on a user’s real-world view using glasses or a headset among a number of its bottling plants.

With this, technicians will be able to get information regarding the equipment provided. It allows support to technicians who can see the view. It will be easier for technicians to perform repairs and diagnose issues in remote areas.

This method is unique to provide consumers with several ways of interacting learning about a brand. The combination of AI with AR/VR revitalizes the user consumption experience and builds strong brand identity. It will help in creating a sense of loyalty from a brand’s customer base.

How will AI be a big game-changer for digital marketing 

Artificial Intelligence is becoming more relevant due to its ability to make fast and accurate data-based decisions. The role of AI in Digital marketing has been huge as it enabled the marketers to most of their data, intensify and change  expenditures and campaigns related to content marketing, lead generation, email marketing, and more.

Consumer Profiles and Presence

Artificial Intelligence helps marketers in shaping a 360-view of their customers. All of this is done by analyzing on-site experiences, referral sources, purchase history, and Geo-specific activity. 

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Social Media and AI

Social media has a great impact on digital marketing. It brags a clear, well-documented track record to boost the company’s marketing initiatives. Social media is one of the most critical components of every marketer’s toolkit.

Lead generation and sales

For automating the lead generation and scoring process, marketers can take the help of Machine learning and predictive analytics. Besides this, they also help marketers in keeping consumers interested by forecasting turns: they can say when someone is going to drop off by evaluating consumer interactions with marketers.


AI is one of the most valuable tools for digital marketers. It is now becoming more accessible for businesses. AI has the power to influence the choices of your customers. Apart from that, It provides relevant recommendations and timely customer service. AI in digital marketing will help you to grow your brand and meet the expectations of your customers. It can shift the entire landscape of marketing.

Artificial intelligence solutions will provide you with the opportunity to develop, make your job simpler and more enjoyable. We hope this blog will help you understand the importance of AI in transforming the future of digital marketing.

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