10 Best Examples Of Clickbait Titles / Headlines

Clickbait Headline Examples

Have you ever thought about what change a clickbait title could bring to your article or website?

Well, It has the ability to make a huge difference.

According to a study, 90% of the traffic your articles draw will be because of the headline – not the content that follows.

The reason behind this is nothing but the fact that the content will be viewed by the reader only when the headline is good. This is where the “clickbait” headlines come in. 

Clickbait titles are considered to attract the attention of the readers and keep them hooked on. These titles are quite short and sweet but also tempting to click on and read further. In today’s time when the world of the internet is full of competition, it is quite important to have good clickbait titles that might bring your readers and also help you stand out from the crowd.

Why don’t you try it yourself and see the difference? Here, we bring you a list of the best examples of clickbait titles. Make sure to never overdo otherwise it might misfire and hurt your brand’s reputation. 

What is Clickbait Headline?

10 Best Examples Of Clickbait Titles / Headlines 1

The term click headline refers to a headline or title that incites a person to click on a certain image, article, or video. Clickbait titles don’t throw facts at you, but instead, it appeals to you with curiosity and emotions. As soon as you click on it, you’ll be directed to the content and its website. Here, the website that hosts the link earns revenue from advertisers. But the content present here is quite questionable on the basis of its accuracy and quality. The major reason behind using clickbait headlines is to attract as many people as possible and also increase the revenue from ads. 

Why Clickbait Titles Work?

Clickbait titles are majorly looked down on because of having misleading content. But there are several ways through which you could get your readers by misleading them in any way. As said the major reason behind clickbait titles being a hit among readers is in nothing human emotions and curiosity. 

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Most of the clickbait titles are curated in a way that makes readers think that they will get to know something new by clicking on the particular link. To make your clickbait title look ethical, ensure to provide real value within your article, avoid using misleading headlines for getting traffic on-page.

According to a recent study, many headlines that had a starting clickbait generated the most engagement. Phrases like “X Reason Why…” were accountable for bringing a major number of clicks. 

Clickbait is widely known as a part of measuring success. Suppose, if no one clicks on your blog, then you’ll definitely lose the opportunity to talk to thousands of potential customers. If you’re looking out to widen your reach, you might need more clicks. And if you want more clicks, then you’ll have to build a proper strategy for that. 

But remember clickbait only work when you use them in the correct way. With this we mean that you must attract readers without misrepresenting the content they will find on the page. Our main goal is to grab the attention of readers and give them a hint as to what they will find if they click, but with a touch of mystery.

Clickbait Headline Examples

‘X Things You…’

“X Things You…” is one of those clickbait examples that is both a numbered list and also personalized to each and every reader. What makes this title relatable is the use of ‘you’ in it. After reading this, readers are more interested in knowing more about it. 

There are several other headlines that you can use such as:

“10 Things You Need to Do Before Going On a Trek”

“11 Things You Need To Know About Your Beloved Country”

After reading such clickbait titles, people will surely be excited to see what lies on the side of the click. 

‘This Is the…’

“This is the…” is one of such headlines that is most responsible for driving a lot of social media engagement.  Clickbait titles “This Is The Surprising Way Coronavirus Has Changed Travel” have been widely known to drive clicks and social shares.

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‘X Reasons Why…’

This is one of the most commonly famous clickbait examples in the world of clickbait. You might have come across this headline a lot of times. The reason behind this is that it is considered to be one of the most impactful clickbait titles when it comes to driving social media engagement and clicks.

There was an analysis done of about 1 million popular headlines in which it was found out that the most shared headline types are the ones with numbered lists. The reason why this headline is loved so much is the little mystery that it leaves for the readers and encourages them to click on it and find it out. 

“10+ Reasons Why Apple Watches Are the Best” is one of the best examples that leave readers curious to read more about it. 

Piggy backing

No matter if you are gaining recognition as a brand or already have one, you can always rely on piggybacking techniques to build some authority and drive clicks. This clickbait title works on the basis of referencing a well-known figure or company in relation to your brand/post.

Some examples of this are headlines like: “Bigg Boss Celeb Reveals…”

If you’re lucky enough to feature a famous figure, you must do a simple follow-up piece about an existing news story or interview then you can use “piggybacking” to grab attention and attract your readers. 

‘You Can Now…’

This is one of the favorite clickbait titles as it suggests to the readers that they can do or achieve something they weren’t able to before. The clickbait itself can get people intrigued and click on the post. 

Some examples of these examples include, “You Can Now Save Money on Y New Ways”

‘This Is What…’

 The term “this” in the following clickbait examples is known for making readers curious regarding what they’ll find when they click on it. This is one of the most common titles, but make sure to make it as precise as possible. You must never choose titles like “This Is Why You’re Lonely”, as this is a broad topic and might also sound a bit negative. 

Rather than, you can opt for headlines like “This Is Why Business Owners are Opting for Online Payment”. Here, you are giving readers more context but are also making them a bit skeptical about what your content is about.

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‘You Won’t Believe…’

Clickbait titles like this are considered to be one of the most misleading ones. If you wish to be less misleading, then you must make sure to make it a bit more descriptive. Some of ‘You Won’t Believe…’ are as follows: “Amazing Tourist Places You Won’t Believe Exist in Udaipur”


At this point of time, people love to have original content, they are done with all that recycled content out there. Suppose you opt for sharing a live video or webinar, there are higher chances of them being inclined to click because they know they won’t find this content anywhere else.

Well, this works wonders when you’re doing it for ads that direct users to a live webinar, video session, or conference. You can also set a timer so that people will have access for a limited period of time. 

Titles like “LIVE: Social Media Marketing Conference” work amazingly well.


Most of the time what you see is what you believe. Seeing is something people will love to do before they put the information into practice. The headline – “See…” itself creates an information gap where people get an idea that you’re about to say something interesting that must not be missed. You can opt for various clickbait titles like: “See results from your diet in just 4 weeks”

Such clickbait examples might work for your website without causing any harm to your brand’s credibility or reputation.

‘Why We Love’ 

This clickbait title is one of the most tried and tested ones. The “Why we love…” headline is known to create a feeling of curiosity in the reader. It is one of the most tantalized headlines that leave the reader to know more and click on it to read further. 


Now, you might know what difference a clickbait title could bring to an image, video, or article. We hope this blog will provide you with all the information that you need to know about Clickbait titles.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the blog, please feel free to write them down in the comments section.

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