5 Myths About eCommerce SEO Keeps You From Growing

5 Myths About eCommerce SEO Keeps You From Growing 2

Basically, eCommerce started with online shopping and then gradually entered into payment gateways, internet banking, online auctions, and online ticketing. With technological advancement now eCommerce is entering into a new venture with Mobile commerce or mCommerce that will be expanding the market considerably and provide the ease of online shopping to the millennials. 

5 Myths About eCommerce SEO Keeps You From Growing 3

One of the primary reasons for launching mCommerce is the increased use of smartphones worldwide. Generally, eCommerce is segregated into three business models segments as Business to business (B2B), Business to consumer (B2C), and Consumer to consumer (C2C).

As of now, the internet has become something we can’t do without. This specific factor is one of the biggest reasons behind the rapid growth of eCommerce worldwide in the past years. When the eCommerce business started flourishing, there came in a lot of competition that affected all of them adversely.

To top the search engines, there came the concept of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Every business with an online presence shall specifically focus on optimizing their eCommerce website for making its presence felt on the search engines, which will eventually bring in the targeted audiences/consumers.

The SEO for eCommerce can be considered as a free online marketing activity attached to several advantages. From all the eCommerce marketing strategies that you have, SEO is considered to be one of the most powerful and effective ones. But this activity isn’t an easy one; it has a lot of complexities attached therewith. Whereas someone with competent knowledge can face this challenge with utmost ease and pouring in the desired results. 

eCommerce SEO

The term eCommerce SEO refers to being focused on having your product pages viewed on the very first page of search engine results. Because here it’s all about the rankings, otherwise you’ll be seen nowhere and vanish gradually.

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5 Myths About eCommerce SEO Keeps You From Growing 4

It is often seen that people always click on the pages that are topping search engines. The driving factor here is reliability, people have a notion that the top results are the best ones to opt for. So, if you’re in a lower position, there are sure shot chances of you losing the audiences and eventually sales too. This is the reason why every eCommerce website is working towards integrating a strong SEO strategy for their businesses in the best possible manner.

To your surprise, with SEO there comes up a lot of misinterpretations as people don’t have much knowledge about the same. This lack of clarity among people about this concept has given birth to a lot of eCommerce SEO myths.

eCommerce SEO Myths

There have been instances when people who are well aware of eCommerce SEO have admitted to believing an eCommerce SEO myth that actually cost them a bomb. Big players of the business can afford such mistakes, but you with a small eCommerce website should keep away from these eCommerce SEO myths as they could affect your business growth.

To keep your business hale and hearty, here we bring you a list of eCommerce SEO myths that might become a roadblock in your growing business.

Hail The Content

We all know the importance of an organized content for optimizing SEO for any eCommerce website, but thinking it to be the only factor for SEO optimization of an eCommerce website is a clear addition to SEO myths for eCommerce.

Many experts have suggested that just basic content is not enough for optimizing the ranking of your pages; people have totally misunderstood content as a tool for SEO optimization.

5 Myths About eCommerce SEO Keeps You From Growing 5

For SEO optimization, there is a need for applying content marketing, which consists of amazing content integrated with relevant keywords making it an easier and more informational read for your audiences which will ultimately help in getting greater traffic and higher rankings.

There are some people who think just integrating relevant keywords to the content is ample, but this is just not the case, as your content has to be highly engaging, credible enough to be shared across.

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Better Linking leads to Higher Ranking

Talking further about SEO myths for eCommerce, there are instances where people think that having increased inbound links to the website will result in a higher SEO ranking. It wouldn’t be fair just to neglect this point as it is partially correct.

5 Myths About eCommerce SEO Keeps You From Growing 6

Remember, it’s quality over quantity that works over here. There is a need for quality backlinks for optimizing the SEO ranking of your website but putting a link of inferior quality picked for an unreliable site could severely affect your eCommerce SEO. 

Ensure to create content and have links that will please your targeted audiences and also have some connection to your product/services and most importantly, to your brand. Last but not least, do keep a check on what you’re audiences have been looking for and sharing among others in the past as it will give you a competitive edge over others.

One-time Process

Moving on to other myths for eCommerce, most people have the impression that it’s just once that they have to work on SEO optimization of their eCommerce website. This myth is something too far from the ground reality as SEO is an ongoing and ever-evolving process.

People with a new eCommerce website will rigorously indulge in SEO optimization at the starting point for getting the desired rankings, but with passing time, they’ll not even think that there is a need for optimizing their eCommerce website but will still surprisingly expect higher rankings.

5 Myths About eCommerce SEO Keeps You From Growing 7

They often forget that SEO is a never-ending activity and has to be included in the current content marketing strategy. The reason behind SEO being ever-changing lies in the constantly changing algorithms of the search engine that aim to optimize search results for better user experiences. Most importantly, your website has to be in tune with these modified compliances for getting the desired results.

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Irrelevancy Of Visuals 

People have a perception that visuals don’t add to any benefits in SEO optimization. But interestingly, images and videos are primarily liked and accepted by audiences which eventually aid in SEO optimization and breaks one more eCommerce SEO myth. 

Talking about eCommerce websites, images and videos are of utmost essential for creating an amazing user experience through dividing the content into several sections, making it easier to understand and interesting enough to keep the audience glued.

5 Myths About eCommerce SEO Keeps You From Growing 8

These visuals are one of the major reasons behind lowering the bounce rates on any eCommerce website and in due course play a crucial role in getting a higher ranking for your page. In addition to this, the other major edge of using visuals is the option of alternative text (Alt Text) that will help in your eCommerce SEO optimization.

Higher The Rankings, Better The Business

There have been instances where people think higher rankings on Google to be an assurance of successful business. Bursting one more eCommerce SEO myth, achieving higher rankings for your eCommerce website on Google will never result in better business conditions.

5 Myths About eCommerce SEO Keeps You From Growing 9

Suppose there are two business websites, one is in the top position whereas the other one is in a lower position. But there are still chances of the lower positioned website to have a successfully running business.

This point specifically conveys that SEO alone should not be looked at like a money-making or business-generating factor as it will only work if your product or services are good and power-packed with a  powerful business strategy.

Wrapping Up

eCommerce SEO has to be performed with the utmost patience and precision; otherwise, it will not provide the results desired by you. 

Everyone is well-aware of the difficulties involved in SEO, but if done aptly, it could work wonders by providing long-term results. For growing and reaching new heights of success, don’t ever believe in these eCommerce SEO myths.

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