10 Ecommerce Marketing Strategies To Improve Your Sales

Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

The only thing common among all eCommerce business owners is the yearning to grow traffic and conversions. Frankly speaking, handling an online eCommerce business is one of the most difficult tasks ever. The sole reason being changes in the market and the strategies applied to it. What works today, may not work tomorrow. Due to this reason, it is utterly essential to be updated regarding the current trends and technological advancements. Once you fill all marketing requisites, you can set up an amazing eCommerce marketing strategy and boost your sales.

Even when you have an effective basic strategy with you, the difficulty always lies in picking appropriate marketing strategies. But don’t you worry, here we bring you a summary of some efficacious marketing strategies and ideas to improve your eCommerce business.

What is eCommerce marketing?

The term eCommerce marketing refers to the process of driving traffic to your website through promotional strategies. Besides this, it also encloses activities like converting the acquired traffic into customers and post that retaining them for further time.

Talking about a comprehensive eCommerce marketing strategy, it is made up of strategies that work both on and off the website. Having an effective marketing strategy provides you with several benefits such as increased sales and building brand awareness.

10 Ecommerce Marketing Strategies To Improve Your Sales 1

Ecommerce marketing is one such tool that has the ultimate power to promote your online eCommerce store or drive traffic for a particular product.

Here are some eCommerce marketing strategies that you must opt for driving more traffic and sales to your eCommerce website.

Amazing eCommerce Marketing Tactics For Your Business

Amalgamating Instagram In Your Strategy

Instagram is one of the most rapidly growing social media apps with a total of 500 million active users in a day. It is considered to be an amazing platform for connecting various brands, influencers and consumers.

So, it works this way, all you need is to click some captivating pictures and make use of hashtags strategically, and last but not least post the picture on the right time. Doing so will help you reach a large number of people and make a huge fan following on Instagram. One of the best ways to grow your followers organically is to engage with your followers.

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There are several ways to engage followers and grow your audience base. One of such ways could be BTS of your shoot, running contests or showcasing how your product is being made. Focusing on eCommerce marketing, all you need to do is add your products to the instagram posts or stories. It will provide a way to your followers or customers to purchase your products. With this, your online sales will undeniably be higher and better.

Providing Social Login

Moving on to other eCommerce marketing strategies, The time has come to provide your customers with social login. With the increase in use of mobile phones, one problem that is becoming more prominent is filling out forms.

While using a computer or a laptop, it is quite easy to fill out a new customer registration form. But, doing the same with your mobile phones feels like a nightmare. The reason behind this is the touch sensitive keypads.

So, it’s viable to opt for social logins that help in reducing the problems caused at the checkout process. With social login, new customers can access your website without filling any form. All they have to do is click a button and create an account with facebook or instagram.

Decrease Abandoned Carts

According to a study , almost 69.57% of shopping carts were abandoned in the year 2019. Remember every time a customer abandons the cart, you’re losing out on money. So, it is utterly important to address this directly. 

One of the ways to prevent customers from abandoning carts is to keep reminding them about completing their purchase. Other than that, you can also attract customers by providing them free shipping or discounts.

Talking about most effective eCommerce strategies to decrease the number of abandoned carts is to opt for an email recovery campaign. This campaign will make sure that your visitors return back and complete their purchase.

Work On Email Campaigns

Emails are one of the most compelling ways of promoting your online business. They pave the way for you to connect with your customers directly and keep them updated about your company. No matter how many email addresses you have, you must keep on looking for more to improve your strategies.

If you wish to improve your eCommerce marketing medium, then you must increase the number of emails you send. But, remember not to send random emails, as they could impact your website negatively. Not only that, it may also lead your customers to unsubscribe your newsletter. So, before sending the emails make sure to have a strategy on how to send them and in how much time gap.

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Optimizing Your Product Pages

Is your site lately losing a lot of sales? If yes, then you must get to know the reason behind it. Don’t you? 

To know the reason behind your dropping sales, you should opt for CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization). It can be utterly helpful in identifying the areas of problem in your eCommerce website.

Conversion rate optimization can be performed both through quantitative and qualitative research. With this,you’ll be able to get an unprejudiced view of how conversion-oriented your site is. Once you’re known to opportunities and challenges ahead, you’ll be able to create hypotheses and test the approach that suits best to attract higher sales.

Go Local

Generally, people think that only Brick-and-Mortar  model businesses have the advantage of going local. But to your surprise, online stores can also be local while making use of eCommerce marketing strategies to increase your sales.

Before working on local grounds you’ll have to look out for places where there are higher chances of finding a huge number of customers. Once you’re done that, you can run promotional programmes over there.

Besides this, you must also pay key attention to the products that are being bought by customers. Doing so will help you in understanding consumer behavior, according to which you’ll be able to run local and promotional campaigns.

Set Up a Facebook Store

In all these years, Facebook has changed a lot but still even now it is considered to be the best platform for social media and ecommerce marketing.

It is quite simple to sell your products directly on Facebook store. But still, you must ensure to combine your Facebook store with your Shopify store to avoid keeping a separate inventory.

Putting Up a Viral Video

Viral videos are one of the rapidly growing eCommerce marketing strategies. While creating a viral video, remember to make it different from others and not something that every other person is doing.

No matter if your viral video isn’t the most interesting thing, or the most humorous one, just make sure that it is a remarkable one. For doing so, you’ll have to think out of the box.

These viral videos are generally quite unusual but are humongously popular among people. Not only that, but they are also helpful in creating your brand image. These types of videos are highly shared among friends and families as they are quite funny.

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With the rise in social media and visual content, people hardly pay any attention to content description. So, it is quite important to be creative and think out of the box. Make sure that the video reaches a huge number of people and becomes viral.

Superior Website Design

There are times when people visit your eCommerce site but can’t find anything they’re looking for.One of the major reasons behind such a situation could be a poor website design. So, ensure to create a site that is easy-to-navigate and neat enough for customers to buy your products.

So, kick start improving your website by making some changes in the fonts, the dimensions and segmentation of products, last but not least avoid putting too many products on the same page. These few changes can make a huge difference in your business. You can opt for Shopify that has several themes for your website.

Engaging With Customers

Another brand new way of engaging with your customers and site visitors is to opt for live chats. This live chat can be utterly useful for your customers while they are making a purchase from your eCommerce website.

There are several chat tools available in the market. These tools come with the options of targeting the whole site or a particular page. Live chats are the best way of having direct conversation with your customers, knowing their concerns and solving them.


These eCommerce marketing strategies will make sure that your eCommerce business grows and your sales go as high as possible. While working in an eCommerce store, the marketing strategy you pick can make a huge difference. So, take this opportunity seriously and decide wisely.

We hope this blog on setting up an eCommerce marketing strategy will help you improve your sales and also grow your business.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, please feel free to share it in the comments.

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