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Bounce Rate

In the past years, there has been an incredible rise in the use of the Internet, leading to a rise in various websites and pages coming up for audiences. These websites and pages could be related to different areas of work. It could be a site of online shopping, college, company or a page producing content.

All the websites are for audiences, but do you know how engaged are your audiences to your websites. If not, then there is Google Analytic Tool known as Bounce Rate that will help you to get familiar with this data.

Bounce Rate
All you want to know about Bounce Rate

What is Bounce Rate?

In simple terms, Bounce Rate refers to a system of measuring the number of people that visit your website and do absolutely nothing on it. This means that when visitors are on the website but haven’t clicked on any other menu or option to read more. This will eventually result in no triggers to Google Analytics while a visitor is on the website.

The term Bounce is used when the visitor has no engagement with the landing / front page of the website and also ends its session with that single page only. Bounce Rate is also used as a measure to show the quality of the webpage and the purpose served by it for the audience.

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One can calculate the Bounce Rate of a page with Google Analytics by dividing the session where visitors only visited the first page and left with a total amount of sessions received by the page.

What is a Reasonable Bounce Rate?

Basically, Bounce Rates are not the same for every web page, they change in accordance to the industry and their origin of the traffic. If the bounce rate is low, it means that the efforts put in the area of SEO are helping in getting the traffic of a specific category. Generally, a Bounce Rate of less than 50% is considered to be a good number.

It doesn’t hold much importance that whether our visitor has visited the site by clicking on a social media link, putting the keyword phrase on Google or getting the link from another website. The only thing that matters is low Bounce Rate, as it will show that we are able to provide the audience with what they expect to see.

Having a High Bounce Rate means?

If a website/webpage is having higher Bounce rates, it means the things as follows:

  • The webpage doesn’t include information that visitor is looking for, which will eventually lead a visitor to leave the page and eventually losing the engagement.
  • One of the major aspects that matter is the quality of a web page, if it doesn’t seem appealing then visitors will leave it and move to another one.
  • There could be chances where the visitor has got the information they were looking for and then leave the page.
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Reasons Behind High Bounce Rates

The higher Bounce Rates become a problem for any of the webpages as it means that the page is not able to provide the audience with what they are expecting and eventually leave the page.

Design of site

Anything that looks presentable will attract the audience, the same rule applies here as pages having non-legible fonts, poor images and noisy appearance will not be accepted well by the audience, leading them to leave the page. Here, the key to success is simplicity.


There is a reason behind visitor landing on your webpage and if doesn’t fulfill their specific goal that means there is no focus point of the page. It is advised to not have blurry headings that don’t provide specific information leading the visitor confused with regards to what they are actually searching for.

Evaluating Traffic

It is said that Bounce Rate is one of the most effective tools for evaluating the quality of traffic on the webpage. If the problems mentioned above have been solved, then one can move to explore the area from where the visitors are actually coming. Basically, visitors coming from social media sites are expected to bounce much more than visitors from press sites.

Tricks to Reduce the Bounce Rates

This is what everyone must be waiting for in order to lessen their web page Bounce rates and lead to higher Bounce Rates creating a good image of the web page. One can lower the Bounce Rate on pages by increasing the engagement on the page. Basically one can look at Bounce Rates in two ways like page perspective and traffic perspective.

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It is important to look at the expectations of visitors coming from various sources having high Bounce Rates. There are times when you’re advertisement is on some other website and while people visiting your site through that advertisement bounce, that means your site is not meeting the expectations of audiences and leading them to leave.

It is important to have advertisements that are relatable to your website and hold importance to visitors clicking on it.

When you feel that your page is enriched with all qualities to meet up the expectation of visitors but is still having high Bounce Rates then it becomes essential to have an overview of the page itself.

This is what we had for you in our store relating to Bounce Rates. We wish that this information regarding Bounce Rate will enrich your knowledge and lead you towards a better future ahead.

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