Cornerstone Content: What is it and its Benefits

Cornerstone Content

One thing that you must have heard several times – Content is king!

Well, when it comes to increasing the traffic & audiences for your website, it is undeniably true.

Due to this, People are often seen asking digital marketers about the best content marketing tips. These people are those who have just ventured into a new site/business or the ones who still haven’t tried attracting audiences through content marketing. They are constantly looking out for that one thing which could help them in building their brand with content. The answer to this question is none other than a cornerstone content piece.

A cornerstone content has the ultimate power to increase the traffic to your site and also improve its customer experience. Besides this, it also plays an essential role in improving the SEO of your site which will attract more viewers to it. If you still don’t have a well-curated and designed cornerstone content, then you might be missing on a lot of things. Now is the time to start and bring your site/ business into the lead.

But before doing that let’s know,

What does cornerstone content mean? Why is it essential for SEO? And What are the advantages of it?

The answers to your questions are…

What Does Cornerstone Content Mean?

The term cornerstone content refers to valuable content. This content is created with the intent of increasing the traffic on the website by building brand awareness among the audiences. It can also be thought of as the core of your website. Cornerstone content consists of the most essential articles, posts, or pages of your site that you wish to rank on the search engines.

Cornerstone Content: What is it and its Benefits 1

Generally, Cornerstone content are quite long explanatory articles. It consists of insights for several blogs and articles that provide information about specific topics. While curating cornerstone content, you must make sure that it is relevant to your business goals. It must be something that helps you in setting up your authority in your field. Cornerstone content is likely to bring in visitors to your website that are interested in the products or services you offer.

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Cornerstone content specifically focuses on providing overall information on a specific topic and not only aims at selling a product or service. This content must be kept open and free and should never expect everyone who visits your content to either buy your product or convert.

One of the most important goals of cornerstone content is to construct a first positive impact. So, audiences can experience a warm feeling about your brand. With this, when they are looking out to convert, they’ll be much more likely to turn towards you.

Importance of Cornerstone Content in SEO

Cornerstone content is utterly essential as it is the structure on which something is constructed. It is something your audiences need to know for using your website and initiating business too.

As for your website, cornerstone content is a glossary page. A lot of new people who visit your site for the first time will be able to understand it only when they have referred to this glossary page.

While you might have regular readers who know what to deal with might not need this because they already know about your website. But it might be of great help for your new visitors as they will need some kind of direction for your website. At this point in time, Cornerstone content will become their compass showing them the right direction.

Besides this, Cornerstone content is also essential for so many more reasons. Beginning with it is the information that will help someone in deciding if your site is useful to them or not. There have been times when we looked into a site that was structureless and you know how it felt. That is when you need Cornerstone. They help new viewers into your site and make an effort to persuade them to trust the product or service provided by you.

Cornerstone Content is one such hub where you’ll get all the articles, blogs, posts, or content surrounding a specific topic. It is the foundation of deep discussion about one particular aspect of an issue. You can think of it as an amazing run-through of topics that fall in your niche.

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Talking about content marketing and SEO, it has always been intertwined with each other. Domain authority is an important facet of SEO. Due to this reason, it is advised to create more authoritative content that is different from other sites. This will make you stand out from the crowd and increase your website’s authority in Google.

The main idea behind cornerstone content is to make your site as an authoritative one in your niche. With this, your content will get higher rankings on Google. For the same, you must also invest more time in doing research and spend some money on curating at least 3 to 5 cornerstone content with enough authoritarian power. This is the only way to get higher rankings on search engines for competitive search terms.

Advantages of Cornerstone Content

Engage More Visitors

Cornerstone content is one such content that helps your visitor by solving almost all of their queries. It will help your site ranking higher on the search engine results. Besides this, there will also be an increase in site traffic.

Greater Number of  Subscribers

Most people love the content that is either relatable to them or adds any value to their lives. If you work towards providing something that your visitors are looking for, they will for sure subscribe to you and revisit your website frequently.

Cornerstone content aims towards solving the queries of your audiences and getting a higher number of subscribers.

Helps in Building Backlinks

The only way to get a huge number of backlinks is to have more comprehensive information on your page. Talking about cornerstone content, it is quite effective in attracting backlinks. You are bound to generate greater backlinks only when you promote your posts in a better way.

Higher Google Ranking

Last but not least, pay special attention to your pillar content as it will act as a guide for your visitors. With this, your content will be easily shared and helpful for ranking on Google.

What is the amount of Cornerstones One Should Have?

Talking about cornerstone content, there is no specific number decided for content. But must make sure to create at least four to five pieces of content. Before creating the content, you must take some time and research on topics and then create informative content.

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According to your niche, you’ll have to create some more cornerstone content. Besides this, you may also take chances of creating some additional content. You must make sure that your site has updated cornerstone content.

Identifying the Cornerstone Content

To decide on the cornerstone content, you must load your website and then look at it as a viewer who’s interested in your field but has no knowledge of your business. Think of yourself as someone who is a novice. Now think which particular page or article you would like to read first. What is the information you’re looking for? That particular post or page will be your cornerstone content. In simple words, it is the most basic information your website provides.

If you’re someone who is creating cornerstone content for the very first time, you’ll have to decide on the issues that people will search in your niche. Suppose you’re selling cell phones, you can write an article on How to choose a cellphone or Top selling cell phones available in the market.

These helpful articles are bound to attract audiences and bring them to your site. Once they trust the information you provide, they’ll certainly trust you and also opt for your products or services.

Wrapping Up

One of the major reasons for having cornerstone content is to increase customer engagement and add a proper call to action on the pieces. This content helps viewers in figuring out where to go and use the products.

Cornerstone content is the entrance of your website and will also help in attracting first-time visitors. This content will showcase your knowledge and help in gaining the trust of your potential customers.

We hope this blog on cornerstone content will help you in putting your best content in front of your potential customers.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, please feel free to share it in the comments.

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