Top 10 Destructive SEO Mistakes To Be Avoided In 2020

SEO Mistakes

Are you looking forward to growing your business? If yes, then you must never underestimate the power of SEO.  With time, social media has lost its importance when it comes to driving traffic. According to a survey, Google is becoming a bigger source of driving traffic than social media. Now, you must have understood how essential SEO is for improving your website’s ranking in Google SERP. Before working on the SEO aspect of your website, remember to keep certain things in your mind and avoid making silly SEO mistakes.

A single SEO mistake could negatively impact your business reputation. So, make sure to not avoid any little detail that could hamper your website ranking and performance of Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page). 

Here, we bring you a list of most common SEO mistakes that you must avoid.

SEO Mistakes To Avoid in 2020

Top 10 Destructive SEO Mistakes To Be Avoided In 2020 1

Optimizing For The Same Keywords

There are times when people target similar keywords in order to rank higher on Google SERP. If you’re doing something similar, then you are on a completely wrong track altogether. Having blogs with similar keywords will make it harder for Google to understand regarding which blog is to be ranked at higher pedestal. Doing so will do greater harm to your website and lead to keyword cannibalization. Not only that, but both of your blogs will be ruining each other’s chance to rank.

So, it is wiser to work on different blog topics targeting different keywords. With this, you’ll be able to reach wider audiences and get higher rankings and conversions for your website.

Overlooking Search Intent For Keywords 

No matter how amazing your content is, if it has not been targeted well, then there are lesser chances of people finding your website to be useful. So, foremost you’ll have to find out who are your targeted audiences, the ones you wanna bring to your website. Not only that, but you must also keep the search intent in your mind,otherwise all your hard work will go futile.

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Search intent plays an essential role in creating valuable content for your website that will address your user’s queries. For the same, it is quite necessary to understand what your audiences think while searching for something.

Once you crack this, all your website needs to do is give out the answers for those questions.

Disregarding Conversion Data

One of the most common SEO mistakes people make is ignoring the conversions. It is quite amazing to have organic visitors on your website, but you must also make sure that they are converting – buying a product from your website or downloading your application.

Mostly, people are focused towards ranking their keywords and not paying attention to the conversion rates. This could make a huge negative impact on your website. Ensure to create content that would lead to increased conversions.

For the same, you can use tools like Google Analytics that will help you in tracing the keywords and pages for making conversions.

Bland Content 

There is no point in guessing this SEO mistake, but everyone knows the kind of importance a  quality content holds in the SEO landscape.

The primary objective of every search engine is to provide their users with the content they are looking out for. With this, it becomes quite important to know their search patterns and then provide content that matches their search intent.

One of the common misconceptions currently seen in the terms of content is creating one with only 500 words and calling it an article. Such kinds of content could be a bigger threat for your website’s SEO efforts.

Rather than that, you can have a look at the content ranking at top and then try making your content better. Besides this, you can also add some visuals and data to keep your reader engaged.

Eluding Content Pruning

Sometimes people are so engrossed in creating new content, that they completely forget about the older content on their website. There are times when such content is leading your site ranking to fall drastically.

There are several types of content, some of which are short-lived and lose their importance with time. Such types of content are to be removed from the search engine, so that the important blogs can get their place on the Google ranking.

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Avoiding Local SEO

A majority of companies wish to go global and spend most of their time working on its SEO process. But, while doing this they completely ignore local SEO – A big SEO mistake.

The reason behind local SEO being important is the fact that search engines work differently according to the user’s location. When a user searches for his/her query, they will be provided with the local results first.

No matter if you’re a national or multinational company, still you can optimize your pages at local levels. Doing so will help you get more users at local level and convert them into your customers.

Last but not least, ensure to add your contact number and office address on the website. With this, search engines will automatically understand if your business is local for users or not.

Ignoring Quality Over Quantity

Majority of people believe that it’s better to have more articles and backlinks on their website. But, this single thing could be your one of the biggest SEO mistakes.

Always choose quality over quantity, it is the only thing that will take your website to places. Remember having a handful of low-quality backlinks will do more harm than good to your website.

Keep your goals realistic and then go for them. Not every website has the capacity to get backlinks from big players. Sometimes even a small website gets backlinks through their valuable content.

So, it is important to be focused on blogs that you’re confident about getting you valuable backlinks. Having quality content will help you in getting higher rankings, greater conversions, and traffic.

Going The Traditional Way

SEO is one of the most dynamic fields, and anyone associated with it needs to be updated with the latest events. Google is one of the search engines that keeps on coming with new algorithms and updates. If you don’t adhere to these updates, then you’ll likely lose out on a lot of users and traffic.

Ensure to keep yourself updated with all the latest happenings in the world of SEO. Recently, Google came up with updates like BERT, Featured Snippet Deduplication, etc. 

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Not Focusing On Long-Tail Keywords

Another common SEO mistake is not targeting long-tail keywords. In this highly competitive world of SEO, it is quite difficult to make your place when there are so many competitors around.

To make sure that you always stay ahead of your competitors, make use of long-tail keywords. These types of keywords are the ones with lower search volume and competition. They are much more specific which makes them easier to rank on.

Not Paying Attention To Branding

Google loves anything that has a brand name associated with it. With changing times, SEO is now giving much more importance to brands when compared to non-branded ones. Today, SEO is not just about getting traffic, it’s also about building a brand.

So, if you wish to make your place on Google SERPs, then make sure to create a business that is trustable and has a brand name too.


All of these SEO mistakes have the capability to lower your rankings on Google along with decreasing traffic on your website. But, now that you know about these common SEO mistakes, try avoiding such mistakes in 2020. Even If you have committed any of these SEO mistakes, don’t worry. You can fix these issues by using some new strategies.

Make sure to be updated with all the happenings in the SEO world and try using new and different techniques. This practice will help you stay ahead of the competitors.

We hope this blog on the SEO mistakes to be avoided will help you in making your website more better by ranking it higher on Google.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, please feel free to share it in the comments.

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