7 Successful Ways of Using Google Trends for Keyword Research

Google Trends for Keyword Research

Is there anyone who hasn’t used Google Trends for doing keyword research? I doubt. Because Google Trends is not one of those ordinary tools, instead it is a fantastic tool if utilized in a proper manner. It is highly preferred by people who deal with dropshipping and eCommerce. The reasoning behind this is the ease of finding seasonal trends of specific products. or keywords relating to your niche.

Google Trends can also be used to keep an eye on your competitors and stay a step ahead of them. But it has been majorly seen that SEO enthusiasts often fail to get the best out of this amazing tool. Here, we will showcase several ways in which you can use Google Trends to improve your keywords research and content marketing strategy to increase your business.

But before that, let’s get to know what is Google Trends?

What is Google Trends?

Google Trends is a search feature tool that can be used for finding out the popularity of specific search terms in Google. It will provide you information about the trend whether it is rising or declining in the form of a graph. Besides this, it also gives demographic information, related topics, and queries that will help you in understanding Google trends.

Talking further about Google Trends, it has the ability to remove repeated searches made by the same users in a short span of time. It will provide you with a better and clear picture. One of the most important things to remember is that trends showcase data for only popular terms. The other low volume terms appear to be zero.

How to Use Google Trends for Keyword Research?

Recognizing Seasonal Trends 

Seasonal Search terms fall in the first set of keywords that can be disclosed with the help of Google Trends. There are some keywords that have a stable demand all over the year. These keywords are the ones related to business, as they are popular throughout the year. But then there are other sets of keywords that are only searched during specific seasons like Christmas, Diwali, etc.

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For example, search terms relating to Diwali are meant to get traffic starting from the month of June and the user’s interest will keep on growing until the end of September or starting October. This pattern would be almost similar every year, that is how we can speak about an actual trend here.

If you’re a marketer then you must start devoting your time towards your upcoming seasonal campaign. Suppose you’re planning to sell goods relating to Diwali, it’s advisable to initiate the process of creating content marketing campaigns so that it can be live in the month of September or October.

Every single person has different ways of doing things. There are bright chances of seasonal content turning into an evergreen one, but for that, you’ll have to update it with new offers. Generally, Your campaigns in the past will give you a fair idea about which of your products sell best. Consider putting those as the top of your page and remove the ones that didn’t become popular with customers.

Keeping an Eye on the Trend ( Increasing or Decreasing)

One of the most important aspects behind creating a successful content strategy is to understand what your users are searching for and then answering the same questions. Besides this, it is also important to focus on keywords having a positive trend. 

Generally, Keyword Research is one of the most time-consuming activities. But finding keywords that have a growing popularity trend can be an amazing experience. Well, Marketers hardly like to do any manual work, Isn’t it?

7 Successful Ways of Using Google Trends for Keyword Research 1

Google Trends comes with a fantastic feature that lets you have a look at the wider scope of keywords related to your niche. You can search by – “Topic”, compared to “Search Terms.” With the help of a topic search, you’ll get a much clearer understanding of what your audiences are looking for and are interested in.

Identifying Trending Topics

If you’re looking for the most relatable topics in the society then you must opt for Google Trends. These topics can be used in your PR campaigns for pitching your content to media and journalists. Because it’s not necessary that they will always be interested in your industry, so in such cases, Google Trends is at your rescue.

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All you have to do is find the most trending topic of the day and the right angle to talk about your business within that topic. Eg: you can find out the most popular topics 2020 in the search section of Google Trends.

Google Trends is quite a good option if you’re fetching data for small research. On the basis of this data, you can create an infographic that showcases how interested people are about a certain topic with time, which media is getting the highest traffic, and who earned the most profit, etc.

Designing Content Calendar 

Let’s have a look at the data of Google Trends for the search term – “Diwali.”

If we look at the data in the span of years, it is quite evident that the peak is always achieved around the month of September or October. The reason behind this is that Diwali almost takes place in the month of October or November every year.

So, if you’re into the business of lights or website portal writing about festivals, you must make a note of this in your content calendar. Besides this, you should make it a regime to create content on this topic in September or October every year.

Monitoring Competitors Position

Google Trends also lets you have a look at what your competitors are doing and how well they are doing when compared to your brand. Let’s have a comparison between Tata and Hyundai to see their performance level in the past years.

With Tata acquiring Land Rover and Jaguar, there has been a slight advantage to Tata and now it is near to equal position with Hyundai.

Google Trends has the capability of comparing almost five search terms or competitors. The perfect time to use Google Trends is when you start acquiring a greater number of search audiences. In case you find your competitors going ahead of you, relax and look at your marketing channel and loopholes that need to be filled to excel again.

Finding a Niche for Products & Services

Are you looking for a tool that will let you know about Where (i.e., country, city, subregion, or metro) a search query is most popular?

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If yes, Google Trends is for you! This tool is capable enough to answer questions regarding where your product or services are needed or liked the most.

Let’s see where Air Conditioners are most demanded in India.

It is majorly in the south and western part of India. But which cities? Google Trends will do that for you. It will provide you with a city-level breakdown. 

Now that you’ve got this data, there are several ways of using it for your business and its growth. Foremost, you can target these areas with PPC. It’s quite economical to target only important areas rather than wasting unnecessary time and money targeting the whole of India on Google Adwords. Secondly, Create quality content that is targeted on people who live in these cities or specific areas.

Google Shopping Ads

If you’re about to create a Google Shopping Ad, choose Google Trends. It will help you in knowing the best time to create these ads. Suppose you’re a fashion retailer and are looking to promote traditional Indian dress in your shop.

7 Successful Ways of Using Google Trends for Keyword Research 2

For the months of July to February, there are high volumes of searches for traditional Indian dresses in Google Shopping. If you’re a retailer, you’ll consider promoting and selling your traditional Indian dress between July to February.

Wrapping Up

Google Trends is specifically for Keyword research and is widely used for SEO and Content marketing. There is hardly any other tool in the market that is capable of providing fresh and trending data.

We hope this blog on Google Trends for Keyword research will help you in improving your SEO and growing your business.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, please feel free to share it in the comments.

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