5+ Youtube SEO Tools to definitely improve your Video SEO

Youtube SEO Tools to improve your SEO

Nowadays, Videos are considered to be the most preferred form of online content as they bring a massive amount of traffic. For using videos as a tool in digital marketing plans, people opt for Youtube. But just using youtube is not enough, you’ll have to use some Youtube SEO tools for making your videos visible and popular among your targeted audiences. Keeping this in mind, it becomes more than essential to opt for video optimization.  

Video content optimization is utterly essential for ranking purposes and also influencing audiences. The rules that apply to traditional SEO work wonders for video SEO too. There are several Youtube SEO tools that can help you in cracking these challenges and optimize your videos. Some of these SEO tools for youtube are general, whereas others are specifically designed for youtube.

Here we bring you a list of Youtube SEO tools that will help improve your YouTube presence.

SEO Tools for Youtube to get more views on video

Search out for Topics

Before making a video, it is important to understand the trends. What’s working and what’s not. 

Google Trends can be of great help to understand the on-going YouTube trends. This tool is powered by Google and is available free of cost. You can use this tool to find things or topics that are trending on the internet.

5+ Youtube SEO Tools to definitely improve your Video SEO 1

While looking out for topics, type ‘YouTube Search’ after that, choose your geographical region, category, and time to get specific information. This information is trustworthy as the data is extracted from Google itself.

Google Trends can provide you with all the queries relating to a certain topic along with the audience’s interest in it. Interestingly this information is also based on regions or according to maps. You can have all this data downloaded on your devices and use whenever needed.

For initiating Youtube optimization, one utterly essential thing is knowing the topics to cover. The audience’s interest in a certain topic and their wish to explore more of it. The content on Youtube is of various sizes. Now it’s on you to decide- what suits you the best.

Consider looking at the Keywords 

Now that you have found your video topic, it is essential to make sure that a massive number of audiences find your video. To make that possible, you’ll have to make use of the right keywords in your videos meta title and meta descriptions. Investing some time in finding the appropriate keywords for your video will benefit you in creating a YouTube strategy.

Various tools can help choose the right keywords. Foremost is YouTube’s autocomplete feature. Here, you’ll have to put in a primary search term in the search bar, and you’ll be able to see how youtube interprets a query and shows answers. 

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5+ Youtube SEO Tools to definitely improve your Video SEO 2

Furthermore, If you wish to explore more, then there is Rank Tracker. It provides you with data of relevant keywords for free and helps you in finding keyword difficulty, cost per click, etc.

5+ Youtube SEO Tools to definitely improve your Video SEO 3

If you’re looking out for a paid solution, then you can opt for Keywordtool.io and Kparser. These tools also provide information like CPC and search volume. For someone who likes to have tools as per their convenience, Keywords Everywhere is for you. 

5+ Youtube SEO Tools to definitely improve your Video SEO 4

Keep an eye on your Competitors

Once you have decided on the appropriate keywords for your video, now it’s time to know what your competitors are doing. Analysing your competitor’s content will help you understand their strengths and your weaknesses. You can opt from several tools that will help in knowing about your competitors and their video content.

Rival IQ is one of the best youtube SEO tools that can help you in getting the overall profile of competitors on YouTube.With this tool, you can have a look at their growth, tags used, and things that worked, and the ones that didn’t work. 

5+ Youtube SEO Tools to definitely improve your Video SEO 5

VidIQ can be used as a browser extension for knowing the critical status of any of the youtube videos accessed by you. It is one of the most effortless ways to do competitor research and analyze every video found by you.

5+ Youtube SEO Tools to definitely improve your Video SEO 6

Research Valuable Tags

To know a little bit more about your competitors, you should have a look at the tags used by them in their Youtube videos. Tags play an important role in getting your video noticed by YouTube. Tags help you in ranking for your targeted keywords along with that they also showcase the videos related to yours that have a similar tag.

Generally, tags are hidden on YouTube, but they are visible on the page’s HTML code. To have a look at it, you can right-click on the page and go to “View Page Source.” After that, you’ll have to type – “keywords” on the page. Now everything after that are the tags of the video.

Well even if you’ve reached there, it’s of no use until you have some knowledge about HTML. For people like you, several YouTube SEO tools can be of great help.

Rapid Tags is one of the free SEO tools for YouTube that lets you generate tags quickly relating to your niche or topic. It comes with the advantage of a language filter where you can get tags according to different locations or regions.

5+ Youtube SEO Tools to definitely improve your Video SEO 7

The process of getting tags is quite simple; all you have to do is to put in your target query in the search bar. After this, the tool will provide you with the relevant tags. These tags can be directly copied to YouTube. Last but not least, it also provides the estimated number of views and engagement signals.

TagsForYouTube is a YouTube SEO Extension that provides you with the tags for every video you’ve seen. It gives you the much-needed overview of the videos that are ranking on your related topic.

For getting a view of the tags attached to a YouTube video, you’ll have to click on “show more” under the description. After that, you’ll directly get towards the tags without any hassle of using HTML. This tool is an amazing fit for people who are not much into HTML and wish to have simpler functioning tools.

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Make Thumbnails 

Video thumbnails are an essential part of YouTube SEO. They are similar to what book covers are to books and film posters are to films. These video thumbnails tell the audiences what they can expect from the particular video. Generally, they provide a basic understanding of what video is all about.

Creating a thumbnail for your video is utterly essential for attracting audiences and making them look into your video. There are several YouTube SEO tools you can choose to create impactful thumbnails.

Canva is one of the most loved graphic design tools. It can be used for creating beautiful thumbnails for your YouTube videos. One of the best things about this tool is that a person with no designer skills can use it with the utmost ease.

Canva is not only meant for creating thumbnails but can also be used for various design-related tasks such as presentations, booklets, sales pitch, etc. One can choose from several different fonts, graphics, and templates to make their design look amazing. Besides this, you can also upload images from your collections.

5+ Youtube SEO Tools to definitely improve your Video SEO 8

With regards to thumbnails, Canva has a stock of free photos with shapes, text, and backgrounds. It is free to use on your computers, Android, and iOS devices. While there are some added features for which you’ll have to pay.

Another YouTube SEO tool for creating thumbnails is Fotojet. This tool can be used for graphic designing, photo editing, and collage making. It is utterly easy to use and has almost 500 templates for collages. 

5+ Youtube SEO Tools to definitely improve your Video SEO 9

With this, you’ll be able to create visually appealing YouTube thumbnails. This tool is integrated with an advanced thumbnail creator tool. Here, you can easily make any kind of changes like image rotating, image cropping, and filters.

Tracing Positions and Increasing Engagement

Once you’ve started doing video SEO, it is the time to keep a systematic check on the rankings. This can be done with the help of advanced position tracking tools. If you wish to be successful, then you must use these position tracking tools. With the use of these tools, you’ll get to know about your competitors like what they are doing and how, so that you can plan accordingly.

One of the most preferred YouTube SEO tools for tracking is SE Ranking. This tool can be used for getting precise data with detailed analysis and reports. Not only keyword tracking, but this tool offers several ranges of features.

This keyword tool basically works on Google, YouTube, and Yahoo and helps in looking at rankings according to device and locations. Here, the rankings are showcased in forms of numbers and graphs. Each of the URL comes with its ranking position. 

5+ Youtube SEO Tools to definitely improve your Video SEO 10

This tool lets you track any five of your competitors and provide you with accurate data. Besides this, it can track the top 100 results for any search query.

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Talking about audience engagement, for ranking on YouTube, you need to have higher user engagement. So look around to know what’s trending on YouTube and also on the other platforms.

Awario is a YouTube SEO tool that can be of great help in monitoring social media. It collects the mentions of your video and keywords. With this, you can put in your video’s URL and set an alert. After this, you can fetch all the linkless mentions that exist as ranking signals for Google.

5+ Youtube SEO Tools to definitely improve your Video SEO 11

All you need to do is add specific search operators, merge a group of keywords, choose additional languages, etc. Awario makes sure that you never miss any of your audience’s feedback. So, it lets you directly like and comment on its dashboard itself.

Share on Social Media 

Your video on YouTube isn’t successful until it gets enough views. It is really important to attract people towards your video for making your video marketing campaigns successful. Social media can play a massive role in making your videos a success. You can make use of these tools to let the world know about your YouTube videos.

Make it easier for users to find your YouTube videos with DrumUp. It is a paid YouTube SEO tool that lets you schedule the promotion of your video on various social media platforms. Besides this, you can add your various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for communicating with your targeted audiences.

Another one on the list is Hootsuite. It is utterly helpful for social marketing activities. Hootsuite is also a paid YouTube SEO tool that aims to improve your communication. Furthermore, it also helps in enhancing your client relationships.

5+ Youtube SEO Tools to definitely improve your Video SEO 12

Hootsuite is perfect for someone who wishes to manage several profiles at the same time. This tool is power-packed with several features like security, audience engagement, and multiple users. But to use these services, you’ll have to make some investment.

Wrapping Up

In recent years, YouTube has now become one of the most preferred platforms for passing the time and learning new things. With this, there is a lot more potential for several upcoming YouTubers. To make your mark here, you’ll have to opt for video optimization. It’s a must for getting success on YouTube.

YouTube SEO is not quite easy, but once you’ve aced it, there’s no looking back. It has the potential to open new opportunities for you by increasing your overall customer conversions.

The YouTube SEO tools mentioned above in the list can help you a lot in knowing about your competitors and getting higher rankings. These tools could be your roadmap to the path of success and become the best in your field.

We hope this blog will help you on YouTube SEO tools will help you improve your video SEO and reach your target audience.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, please feel free to share it in the comments.

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