Speakable Schema Markup: What Is It and how does it Impacts SEO?

Speakable Schema Markup

In recent times, Google has taken a huge leap in terms of technology by launching its most awaited markup specification, the Speakable Schema Markup. Here, the term speakable is related to the potential of Google assistant and news in providing people with the appropriate results to their needs and queries. It is believed that Google’s new speakable schema SEO will work wonders on queries related to specific topics and news. One will be able to get results from the Google Assistant with speakable texts.

This new feature of Google gives its users a simple sneak peek of the overall story by giving out some major points that can be later explained if needed.

What is Speakable Schema Markup?

With technological advancements, Now smartphones and gadgets are becoming more speakable-friendly. These gadgets are now supporting voice searches. You might have heard of the term ‘Speakable Schema Markup’, but wouldn’t have understood what it actually meant.

Speakable Schema Markup: What Is It and how does it Impacts SEO? 1

In simple terms, Google’s speakable schema markup tool helps the companies to specify certain sections of content that support voice search.  With this, companies have the opportunity to pick the most important information of their business, highlight them and present it to the targeted users.

One can think of it as the featured snippets on Google. The only difference is that, here the information or query is answered through a voice assistant. Talking about the recent speakable schema markup, it is a beta version and is available to only news publishers. Presently, it’s only available in the USA and is functional with Google Home devices and Google Assistant.

How does Speakable schema markup work?

If you’re someone who deals with SEO, you might know the way we get the websites ranked on the SERPs. Similarly, the voice searches can also be ranked on search engines. All you have to do is put all your important information in your SEO campaign. With this, a certain section of your campaign can be optimized for voice search.

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Talking about the role of schema markup, it aids the Google algorithm in deciding the significance of specific content picked by you, and making it rank on the search engines. If your  content is appropriate according to Google, Microsoft Cortana, and Google Home, then it streamlines the information and reads it  to your targeted users.

The selection of information is solely based on Google’s algorithm. Not only that, several news publishers take up the responsibility of hand-picking the content that they want to be featured on Google. After that, It’s upon Google to decide whether the information selected is relevant and related to a user’s voice search query.

As mentioned earlier, currently the latest version of Google’s speakable schema is available to news publishers only. With this, they have the full opportunity to highlight certain parts of a news feature in voice search optimization. 

Presently, this technology is in its early phases. Due to which news publishers are able to provide perfect answers to the query of any internet user. With this, we can say that Google’s speakable schema is one of the most robust tools for getting information on recent news and current events.

While you’re optimizing your content for the speakable schema, keep these points in mind. Remember all this requisite is based upon the demands of present and future inquiries.

  • The topic should only deal with a single subject and must be easy to understand.
  • The information shared in the publication must be factual.
  • The content should not have any type of vulgar words or hate for a person or company.
  • The news published must have several information like the author’s name, publication data, and contact information.

How does speakable schema Impact SEO?

Every single day there is some new technology coming up and recently, the tech industry is adjusting itself with the unconventional speakable feature powered by Google. The increase in voice-based searches has hugely impacted search engine optimization by creating more demand for businesses to improve the performance of their respective websites.

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Presently, Speakable Schema is available beta version and has absolutely no effects on the SEO performance of a website. But as and when everyone adapts to the voice searches, speakables will become one of the most essential factors of ranking in Voice Assistant tools.

With this, the speakable schema is bound to have a long lasting effect on the way we make use of the internet and search answers for our queries. Well, looking at it the other way around, it may become burdensome for companies as they would have to start thinking about ways to provide better services to their customers.

With passing time, companies will understand the importance of voice searches and include it in their websites. For doing so, they’ll have to reframe their content a bit and make a change in their market options for involving voice-search enabled gadgets and devices.

How to prepare for the speakable schema markup?

While speakable is still in its early phase, the techies are consistently working towards improving the speakable schema markup. With this, companies and their websites won’t have to wait long for feeling its effectiveness.

Here, we bring you some points that you can implement for your website to meet the future SEO demands:

While you’re writing content for your website, ensure that the sentences are conversational and are relevant to your business. With this, there are chances of being ahead of the speakable technology. It will help you understand which information reaches to your users.

While forming your sentences, remember to keep them short and understandable. It will help visitors to accept your website. In these times, people hardly have any attention span, and remember that you’re looking forward to catching their attention in such little time.

To reach a broader audience for your website, you must opt for conversational voice tone. Because, you want your audiences to know what you have to offer. So, prepare a short and simple statement to make them understand what you provide.

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How To Use Speakable Schema Markup?

To make use of Google’s speakable schema, you’ll have to follow these requirements set by the search engine.

  • One must follow all the guidelines, involving the content, technical side, webmaster, and structured data protocol. Remember, it is the initial process of enabling the audio playback capabilities of your website texts
  • Get Google’s speakable structured data semantics into the code of your web page.
  • Ensure testing and approving your picked structured data.
  • Last but not least, present the content for eligibility and onboarding process.

What are the Advantages of Speakable Schema Markup?

There are several advantages of the brand new Google’s Speakable Schema Markup. Presently, Speakable SEO is basically for online publishers, but in the coming future every business will have a website.

The major advantages of the speakable schema are as follows:

  • There are brighter chances of improving SERP ranking positions.
  • It can help your company in improving its brand recognition.
  • Helps in increasing the  click-through-rates of your website..
  • Improves the number of website’s social media following.
  • Gives your users a glimpse of what your content provides without looking at the screen.
  • Creates a place for your website on Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa’s voice search.

Wrapping Up

We don’t know the future of speakable schema markup, it all depends on how users will react to it. Furthermore, the acceptance of this schema will be decided upon how well it has been used. Once the voice search is accepted among the audiences, there could be chances of Google pushing the new schema into the industry.

Nevertheless, if these search engines are thought to be a threat to present methods or an opportunity for improvement. But, we can think of it as an answer to the changing needs of internet users.

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